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Bluetooth and Internal Speakers



On my oled55bxpua, how do I use Bluetooth connected to my hearing aids and internal speakers at the same time?
Currently if I use Bluetooth, the internal speakers are turned off. This happens even if I choose Bluetooth + Internal speakers.
In this case I am the only one who can hear the TV.

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50 minutes ago, td47 said:


You might want to review this site below, and if their adaptor is available in your country (if needed), and/or a usable alternative to connecting up if it looks like a viable solution. I have seen it on AMAZON for various countries I think.

link hidden, please login to view

I have Bluetooth hearing aids and my LG TV is Bluetooh equiped.

My problem is that when I pair my hearing aids, they work fine, but the internal speaker get turned off. I can either use the TV's speakers or my Bluetooth aids. NOT BOTH.

The TV that we replaced allowed me to use both.

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@neisman I missed the part where you said the on your oled55bxpua TV, you already selected Bluetooth + Internal speakers, but that fails to work.

That sounds like a bug. Have you ensured that your TV has the latest firmware, just released on 17th March, as 03.21.80 ?  If not done via OTA, you can download it on a PC and put it on a USB stick.

LG often fix other minor things, but only document the major issues fixed, so you might get lucky.  See here to get the update and instructions:

link hidden, please login to view

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On 3/23/2021 at 3:00 AM, neisman said:

OK, I got an answer from LG.
Basically they said TS, we designed it that way and there is no work around.

This is ridiculous, because the menu item says specifically "Bluetooth + Internal speakers", therefore it is a bug.

On my OLED48CX3LB it works exactly as you expected.
I'd rather have [Bluetooth + HDMI ARC] or [Wired headphones + HDMI ARC] or [Optical + HDMI ARC] so I could listen through the headphones and the digital amp at the same time, but LG in its infinite wisdom thinks otherwise.
How on earth did they think anyone would prefer internal speakers over a proper 5.1 HiFi surround sound system?

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