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WebOS TV UJ6300


When I turn on my TV  it turns on and displays the live TV option  with the static and buzz

very annoying to hear that ... how do I get it to load  the streaming TV page  or even a wallpaper

Thank you


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@Ces When it turns on, does it start with a specific channel, or just the Live TV logo, or something else?

If on an actual channel, if your aerial is weak, you may get static on some channels, so you might want to think about a better more powerful one. 

Try turning off Quick Start+ in TV settings, that sometimes fixes odd issues.

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Thanks for the response - when I turn on the TV it loads live tv which is not configured nor do I want it configured

I get the old fashioned black and white bee screen 📺 when not tuned

would like it to at least load to my streaming menu


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@Ces What do you mean by your Streaming Menu? If yout have some sort of streaming device or set-top-box attached to your TV, and you turn it on first, then most TV's "remember" that last active input, and use that (for HDMI anyway).  Did you untick/disable Quick Start+ on yours?

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No device attached streaming menu - choice of applications - Prime, Hulu etc

I turn the tv on and it defaults to the live tv fuzz 

don’t want that to be the first thing I hear on the tv 

anyother display would be great

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