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    • By George Miller
      please institute a way to manage and save passwords on the webos .
      then for movie and tv sites like Criterion and NHL that do not have LG apps I can still watch on my TV.
      THis would be very useful.
    • By joe michaels
      How do I install the Airplay app. on LG TV with Web OS version 05.40.09?
    • By Remco Jonkman
      'OPPO Account-Services Sign in' bekijken
    • By Oussama ZAQOURI
      I want read a video streaming using "com-webos-media", it work good in emulator, but in real TV device it show a black screen without response.
      My code : 
      webOS.service.request("luna://com.webos.media", {             method: "load",             parameters: {                 "uri":"test.mp4",                 "type":"media",                 "payload":{                       "option":{                           "appId":"com.webos.app.enactbrowser",                         "windowId":"_Window_Id_2"                     }                 }             },             onSuccess: function (args) {                 webOS.service.request("luna://com.webos.media", {                     method: "play",                     parameters: {                         "mediaId":args.mediaId                     },                     onSuccess: function (args) {                         console.log(args);                       },                     onFailure: function (args) {                         console.error(args);                     },                     loadCompleted: function () {                         console.log("loadCompleted");                     }                 });             },             onFailure: function (args) {                 console.error(args);             }         }); Please help me.
    • By ROSSMAN
      I am creating a streaming application, where user can access a list of mkv files from my server, Mkv is not supported in web browsers and it is not loading properly within my webOS web app.
      I cannot modify my files to another video format.
      Is there a native player for LG WebOS that I can embed into my web application ?
      Is there any video player with web sdk to play mkv on a smart tv.
      Ps: my videos are working well on chrome, as for Firefox or Safari, it tells me that the format is not supported.

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