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Missing My5 application in LG store?



I have an LG-43UN73006LC purchased in the UK - but it does not have a My5 app for watching Channel 5 related programmes  in catch up.

Channel 5 is one of the main 5 programme channels here in the UK - so why no support from LG?

How can they call this a Smart TV without support for the basic UK Channels?

Even my ancient Humax box had My5 app

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@harryw66 Is the 43UN73006LC a 2019 or 2020 model? The reason I ask, is because the 2019 models SHOULD have it, but the 2020 models might miss out, because LG did not renew a Freeview deal last year for them to be able to put the app (and some others) in the LG store for 2020 TV's. Hopefully they will get this fixed, as it must be frustrating for owners who purchased a "new" TV last year to find a useful service missing!

By the way, if you still have your Humax box, plug that in to the LG via an HDMI cable, and you can use that until you get an update to the LG store.

For reference:

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@harryw66 I believe I explained in my previous post, that LG did not renew the deal for those channel apps, with the Freeview consortium, in 2020 for 2020 model TV's to be able to use it.

This forum can do NOTHING to help, in this respect, is has NO control or input to whatever technical and business decisions LG make or do.

It would be best for you to complain directly to your country LG support.

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