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  1. BBC i PLAYER STV PLAYER ITV HUB MY 5 now all on LG 2020 tvs C'mon ALL 4 join the others
  2. My new LG 65 webos TV has no i button. Iv got to press 3 dots then scroll down to info Is there a way to make an info shortcut?
  3. Just bought a 65 inch LG TV with OS and wish I hadn't. No All 4 or STV player Anyone buying a new TV, get an android tv Also, bloomin MOVIES button on remote going to Ratakan, wish it went elsewherr
  4. Just bought a new 65 inch freeview/freesat LG TV Lovely... mmm No All 4. No My 5 No STV Player Can these be loaded any other way ? Why can't LG put them in their store? No record as TV doesn't have a memory drive preloaded despite it claiming could record Nightmare navigation on web with remote. Can a mouse be used instead.?

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