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  1. hi @td4 Only purchased my TV in December 2020 - so no My5 on it.
  2. I have an LG-43UN73006LC purchased in the UK - but it does not have a My5 app for watching Channel 5 related programmes in catch up. Channel 5 is one of the main 5 programme channels here in the UK - so why no support from LG? How can they call this a Smart TV without support for the basic UK Channels? Even my ancient Humax box had My5 app
  3. Thanks for the reply. The side effect I experience is constant hard drive activity once DLNA is enabled (even after the 1st few days of any initial scan)- despite trying the various settings etc on my QNAP NAS. This is not only noisy, but I suspect will reduce the life of the HDD due to constant HDD activity. As mentioned above Samba support should be offered - it should be a no brainer and easy to implent.
  4. Yes - it would seem you have DLNA / UPNP active - which is not the same as Samba If I plug in a USB device into my Billion Bipac router - it appears on the LG Input selection screen - but only because the router automatically enables UPNP/DLNA. I did try setting all my Video related shares to Guest login on my QNAP - but it did not make any difference. The only way to get these to appear is to enable DLNA on my NAS - which I am reluctant to do as it has other performance side effects etc
  5. upvote - I don't like DLNA - seems to slow down my NAS drive - whereas Kodi with SMB works fine.

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