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Yes, this is actually the reason I am sticking with Samsung.

On a Samsung TV you can stream your media like netflix, etc and Steam games without any other devices so you can hang them anywhere:

  • In your bedroom, for example on one of those TV lifts.
  • You do not need a TV cupboard anymore in your living room.
  • You can even hang one in your garden with water proofing.
  • On any wall, anywhere within your home network.
  • Also saves a lot of cables and money on buying cupboards and/or game consoles.

With a LG WebOS TV you still need to buy a Steam Link, nVidia Shield, Xbox or Playstation,  this really is a major bottleneck with the possibilities for where you can use an LG TV and still enjoy all your content.

Maybe it is a license with Steam or something to publish this app but it will make the opportunities endless for the people that have a decent Steam PC or Laptop, no more unnecessary apparatus around your TV and more TV's around the house with all your content :)

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Hi, just to share my experience: don't wait for steamlink, there's another solution better than that: Moonlight for webos.

You can install it via developers app.

Use Sunshine on the pc and you can stream your desktop on the TV faster than steamlink would.

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I gave up on this ages ago, also other SmartTVs with their own OS.

Only buy TVs with Android TV implimented in them now, as they are also configured to the spec of the TV's own hardware were as external Android TV boxes sometimes don't fully support all the hardware or do the handshake correctly to understand the spec of the TV. So if your open to sharing your data with Google instead of LG, Samsung, etc, I would say look for a SmartTV with Andriod TV. Also those apps are always kept up to date.

(sorry LG)

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