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  1. Hi, Thanks for the interest 😀 This is a 4k/Atmos file straight from a Bluray disc: Using HEVC compression, if it was H.264 the bitrate would be a little lower. 62,3Mb/s video + 4.2Mb/s audio = 66.5Mb/s which is 66.5mbps That is a 4k/Atmos stream. For some reason my devices cannot stream this without buffering and the entire house has Cat8 1gbps connections, my server has 2x 1gbps connections with LACP so it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. A proper lossless 4k/Atmos stream is 85 Mb/s - 128 Mb/s, which is 85 - 128mbps. 100mbps doesn't fit the bill, to stream 4k you need a 1gbps Ethernet connection. I have already spoke to Samsung about this, even their latest and most expensive TV models only have a 100mbps connection yet they deliver 4k TV's, Atmos/DTS:X speaker sets. They advised me to purchase their Samsung UBD-M9500 or UBD-M9700 player to fix this problem because they should have a 1gbps, turns out even these players have a 100mbps connection. Sony and LG are doing the same as Samsung. Why sell 4k TV's and Atmos/DTS:X speaker sets without offering a product that can actually play the content without inserting a disc, now I have to start researching 3rd party products to be able to make use of these features.

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