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gigabit on a smart tv



can I use the Cable Matters Adapter USB Ethernet USB 3.0 on my lg oled c9 series tv.  even if im using a 10/100 mps fast port switch, and plug it in to 1 of my fast port ethernet plug in and will i get the same  result?(meaning  as if i were to plug it in directly from  my ethernet cable and straight to my tv?)'\ wand where do i dpwnload the app to check the speed of usb cable adapter...thankyou all in advance....

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FYI: the LG the user had in his post on the PLEX.TV forums was an LG 65UJ750V. Another user found this type also useful on a similar LG TV:
"if the TV carries a USB3 port get something like this

link hidden, please login to view
My LG just went from its native ethernet limit up to 160Mbps. Batman Gotham by Gaslight (being the highest bitrate I have) now happily plays back on my LG without any hint of a buffer. Its still gonna be the ATV 4K as my default, however I can now play all Dolby Vision files in Plex on my LG"
NOTE: a more up to date adaptor is also available, may be better still. See:

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Sorry, I forgot to answer your question about speed testing. As it is a LAN adaptor, you need to do a LAN speed test (although it might be skewed by the fact that is converts signals to USB standards). However, this tool below can be installed on Windows or MacOS, and is only $10 for a single user licence. It seems to be well reviewed, and has lots of options. You will need to install it onto a laptop, and connect it to your interface and test it that way (or possibly via your home network IF you know that specific IP address for the adapter connection).

link hidden, please login to view

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