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One of the top cable providers in Estonia uses INTEK HD-C76CX set-top boxes. There was a post asking for intek box support few years ago but WebOS is still missing it. Since a lot of people are using these boxes here, the support would be much appreciated. 

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    • By Mdzh
      I have a LGOLED55CX3LA tv and a TH200 settop box device for IPTV. I'm trying to setup the Universal control function so that I'd be able to control the settop box with my lg magic remote control.
      Unfortunately, I do not see the settop box model under the supported providers. TH200 is a very common model of settop box. How come it's not listed?
      Am i missing something? Is there a way to configure it and control the device using the magic remote? 
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      I have a settop box of Prysm HD. But it cannot be paired with LG Tv remote. If there is any way to do it  please tell me how to do that. The standard product list of settop boxes does not feature the brand that I own.
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      This would be a lovable feature if implemented. Users generally change channels on their settopbox using the magic remote which is very cumbersome. 
      So even if someone has done that once why shouldn't the OS cache it and show that list of top 10 most visited channels to choose from.
    • By Lightheaded
      I have a top-box from a very popular provider in my country, but I am unable to use Universal Access with it. The topbox model is INTEK HD-C63CX and the provider is Starman. Is there a chance that this top-box would be supported in the future?
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