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Hotstar App not available on LG 49uf6400 webos- USA



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On 6/6/2019 at 8:16 PM, jayagopal5 said:


The Hotstar App not available on LG 49uf6400  webos- USA,  but the application available on India smart LG tv.  Is there way to down load the Hotstart app on my TV  (LG 49uf6400)?

Hotstar have written their app to only run on TVs running webOS 3.5 and above, sadly your set appears to have version 2.

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4 hours ago, Khaja said:

@George Hofmeister I have LG49SK8000PUA and still don't see the app available. The WebOS version i believe is 4.0.  Is there any other constraint you're aware of

Hi Khaja,

The LG product page lists your set as being supplied with webOS 2.0:

link hidden, please login to view

While some TVs with 2.0 have received upgrades to 3.x I have not heard of any being upgraded to 4.x.  Are you getting the number from the firmware version?  If so a firmware of version 4.x.x does not equate to webOS 4.x.

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2 hours ago, Khaja said:



I got the version from the TV menu (attached). Not sure if its referring to firmware again.

Hi Khaja,

Yes that is indeed running webOS 4.x, however the model is different to that you stated in your original post, I see that I replied to the wrong person/post, so my apologies.

As for why it is not available to you at the moment will depend on your location and whether the software has passed for your particular model.  If you are so inclined contact Hotstar directly to see what the state of play is, they have been pretty good at getting back to other forum users.

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