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Lg 49uh6030



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    • By Jay Joe
      Is the HDR effect picture mode setting HDR upscaling? 
      The HDR setting adjusts from "Low" "Medium" "and "High".  But when the movie or game is HDR already this setting show Vivid, Standard..........and so on.
      What is the differences of this HDR effect compared to if the video display was already being broadcasted in HDR itself?
    • By Jay Joe
      With a LAN wire internet connection what is the highest download speed this t.v. can receive?  Mine seems to get only about a 30-40mbps download speed, but sometimes less.
      What does the connection cap at?
      Manual shows information for a wireless connection, but can't make sense of the explaining of the chart anyways.
    • By Dion
      I keep seeing frame skips or judder with this TV over HDMI on 60hz content.. I have all the motion stuff off and have tried all the motion settings. And the result is always the same.. Random frame drops on 23.976hz or 24hz content.

      I also have a 60UH7700 TV to but it was fixed via a firmware.

      1. Improve the Judder issue in 60hz motion.

      Is this fix ever going to come to the 49UH6030 model too.. It's really bad and noticeable.
    • By Irismay07
      Okay guys, I need help with calibrating my tv for the best picture quality! So I've been trying to fix my LG tv for awhile now and I'm unable to properly calibrate the tv because each picture mode available with the white balance option, expert dark room or bright room, is not allowing me to click on the white balance tab. Is anyone having or had the same issue and has been able to tweak the white balance settings on the 49UH6030? If so, please let me know how you were able to do it. Thank you!
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