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  1. I just got it to work and connect to Wi-fi, make sure you have internet channels turned on, there should be an update, possible this is the cause.
  2. I have no answer to this Wi-fi connection problem but I myself am having the same problem lately with my LG 49UH6030. It would always connect before easily. I have 5 other devices connected to the same Wi-fi, no problems.
  3. For the Free Movie internet channel, the movies you select as a on demand movie, how do you resume playback where I left off?
  4. Thanks, now I know it ain't just mine. Thanks for the alternative also.
  5. Does anyone have this problem also? Why do I never get any responses in these forums to anything?
  6. The app worked fine for the last year, and then just 2 weeks ago it keeps saying cannot connect to test server. Any ideas? Tried resetting tv and reloading the app but no help, my interent connection works fine using a Lan wire, the speed test app seems broke. My LG tv is 49UH6030 model number.
  7. Seriously, does anyone have an answer to this, or should I ask LG customer support?
  8. Is the HDR effect picture mode setting HDR upscaling? The HDR setting adjusts from "Low" "Medium" "and "High". But when the movie or game is HDR already this setting show Vivid, Standard..........and so on. What is the differences of this HDR effect compared to if the video display was already being broadcasted in HDR itself?
  9. Contacted LG by phone and email, no response from email at all, phone support just seem to know nothing about it and said wait for the email response. Its be almost 2 weeks, can't anyone verify if this T.V. can get a higher internet connection download speed (like 100 - 150 mbps) ?
  10. With a LAN wire internet connection what is the highest download speed this t.v. can receive? Mine seems to get only about a 30-40mbps download speed, but sometimes less. What does the connection cap at? Manual shows information for a wireless connection, but can't make sense of the explaining of the chart anyways.

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