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I have a pair of wireless Sennheiser RS 165s for my LG TV and they are brilliant (not especially cheap but well worth the money)

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They will work with any device that has a 3.5 mm headphone output (a single cable input/output) - I can't tell for sure if your model has such an output but it should be in your manual if so.

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13 hours ago, toiday said:

I was excited to know LG TV support Bluetooth wireless because that's something I want for bedroom TV.  Then I disappointed to find out it only works with LG headphones.  ARC is another thing, only works with LG speaker.  I will never buy another LG TV.

Any Bluetooth headphones should work, LG do not to my knowledge use anything other than a standard protocols for the service.  I am using a generic headset which connected with out issue and have worked well for the last two years.  

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