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Palm is Back with a New Palm Phone Companion


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Palm Phone Companion

If you are webOS enthusiast, you remember Palm as the brand that brought you webOS 1.0 on a smart phone before it was sold to HP fro Touchpads and then LG for Smart TVs. Today, we have webOS off to LG and the Palm brand off to TCL Communications. We have been waiting to see what was to come with palm and today we have a new website that's up and a cool gadget, dubbed a "companion".

Below is information from 

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"We found partners who were as passionate about celebrating the choice to stay connected and be present with Palm, a vision that brings people out of technology and back into their lives. We’re working with TCL Communication to manufacture Palm and exclusively launching with Verizon Wireless in the United States, establishing the new ultra-mobile category."

History of Palm

History of Palm

Palm was one of the first companies to put mobile devices into consumers’ hands. Palm changed the mobile game when they introduced the popular PalmPilot in 1996—ushering in the handheld mobile era.

Palm is back and ready to change the game again. The original PalmPilot made your computer mobile, now we’re making smartphones truly mobile again. We have embraced Palm’s innovative spirit and created a new ultra-mobile device that keeps you connected and present at the same time.

The new Palm is an ultra-mobile product that’s about the size of a credit card with smart features and quick actions, so you can instantly access everything you need and nothing you don’t—even when your smartphone is nowhere to be seen.

Palm syncs with your Android or iOS device so you’ll never miss a thing, even if your smartphone is at home. 



  • Size of a Credit Card
  • Syncs with Android and iOS
  • Stunning HD Display
  • Water and Dust Resistant
  • Two Cameras 12MP and 8MP
  • Runs on Android with Google Assistant
  • Facial Recognition
  • Gesture Pad
  • Quick Actions

Palm Companion



  • Processor    Qualcomm® 435 processor. Octa-core CPU
  • Display    3.3” HD Display - 445 ppi high pixel density LCD
  • Glass    Impact resistant front and rear Corning Gorilla Glass
  • Cameras    12MP rear camera with flash + 8MP front camera
  • Construction    Crafted billet aluminum mid-frame
  • Durability    IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Memory    3 GB RAM / 32 GB Storage
  • Battery    800mAh non-removable battery,All-day battery life*, 3+ day standby time
  • Audio    Dual-purpose speaker
  • Sensors    G-Sensor, Glonass GPS, Proximity, E-compass, Gyro
  • Connectivity    4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.2 low energy WLAN 802.11 b/g/n (2.4GHz) Non-removable nano SIM 
  • OS    Android 8.1
  • Security    Face unlock
  • Dimensions    50.6 x 96.6 x 7.4mm
  • Weight    62.5 grams
  • Colors    Available in titanium and gold

Visit  for more information


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