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ken 43


I have a 43 UJ 6200 smart tv and it's been working well for the most part since Nov. 2017.

Just the other day,  7/20/18,     streaming video and audio will no longer play on one particular website.    I just get that spinning circle.    I don't have any issues playing content on any other website I try,  including netflix,   youtube,   and many others.

I use an ethernet connection and my recent download speeds are between 80-100 mbs, ,  and I have the latest firmware update installed.

Just read that the webOS doesn't support Adobe Flash,   so maybe that's the problem here,  but like I said,   I've been able to watch all content from this site until just the other day and don't know if they changed anything relating to Flash.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi George,   thanks for your reply.

I've been in contact with the website but so far,  no answer.    

I think you understood my question but just to clarify,   the website loads just like it used to but neither video nor audio streams will play.   Just get the spinning circle.

Since  I don't have that problem on other sites,   I can't figure out what I can change on my end.     I just joined this forum and started searching online to try to find an answer,  but it might come down to whether the web site can find a solution,  and I might be the only person  or at least the first one,  with this problem.

Do you think it's worth it for me to contact LG about it?

I read that there will be an update to webOS 3.5 to 4.0 sometime this year but of course have no idea if that would help.     




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Hi Ken,

It probably is the website that has changed, if you can let the forum know which site it is others can test as well.

As for contacting LG, you could but they are not known for their feedback sadly, but I suppose if you don't they will have no reason to improve the webOS experience.  I imagine the site in question has either changed their back-end video streaming tech or it has stopped recognising the User Agent ID of the webOS browser.

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Hi George,   

I emailed LG about the issue.  Not sure what dept.   I sent the email to but got a reply that instructed me to reset my tv to factory settings for the new firmware update to take effect.

I never did that for the other firmware updates I've done for this tv and never knew that was advisable or part of the instructions.    I'd have to go back and reconfigure my picture settings as I did it 

all manually to some custom settings.

Have you heard that this is  required after updating the software?

The website I mentioned is trying to find a solution,   but don't have one yet.

The website is:    timelesstoday.tv

All content plays on my computer but not my tv.     I'd be surprised if they played on your tv,   but that might offer some clues,  if it did.

My tv again is:   43 UJ 6200   with latest software update- 04.70.50


Thanks again for your help.



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Hi Ken,

I sure that resetting your TV probably is not going to help, the problem is that the webOS browser does not play nicely with the embedded player used on the site.  From what I can tell timelesstoday.tv uses JW Player () which is based around Javascript, which in turn it appears the webOS browser does not support, or pretty much any other plugin.  That said other TV brands probably would not work either going by various bits and pieces I have read. 

Here is LG's information page on the browser:

Basically it is limited in what it can do, a conscious decision I expect by LG to save having to reinvent the wheel by programming for technologies that have really had their day.   

Of course if the timelesstoday.tv site embedded its audio and video files with HTML5 instead there would likely be no problem with playback.  This is because the webOS browser (as of 2016, latest figures I could find) has the best Smart TV browser support for HTML5:

In summary, HTML5 good, everything else bad.  JW Player $50 per month (

link hidden, please login to view
), HTML5 free.

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