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HBO GO stopped working



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15 hours ago, Mike_S said:

What I have been able to find is currently there is no longer an agreement between HBO GO and LG. 

Thanks for that info.
I couldn't get a straight answer yesterday from local (HBO Adria) TechSupport, only that it doesn't work with LG at the moment.
Could you point me to the source of your information? It's bugging me because I just registered for HBO GO trial month, and I can't properly watch HD content on my PC (weak graphic card and RAM), and I'd hate to cancel the service.

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From this morning its fine.

app asked to confirm some license with "radio 5" . (I m from Serbia and Radio 5 is from Hungary)

I was watching hbo go for six month and I never had this kind of problem  until now.....

If this problem was connect with agreement between HBO and LG , it is solved quickly

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No idea if its global, but judging from HBO Adria Tech Suport yesterday, they already were aware of the situation.
I saw somewhere (on their FAQ section probably) that there might be a problem when the App is upgraded, but not immidiatelly adjusted for all devices.
Anyway, Atila got me slightly optimistic if it woks for him now - I'll give another try.
Meanwhile, does anybody know when the the latest App version went on?
I get YouTube upgrades all the time, but I missed any development on HBO GO App (possibly because I haven't even try it before yesterday).

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