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[pivotCE]Project Macaw updated, adds 280 character limit


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V1.7.0 is out for all of your 280 character glory. Go get it from Preware.

— Dave Cole (@baldric555)

Everyone’s favorite webOS Twitter client (ok there aren’t many left to choose from), , is of the last remaining consistently updated apps for our beloved platform.  And the updates just keep on coming.


first took up the challenge of expounding upon the beautiful and fast webOS Twitter client, Phnx.  Like so many others though, Micah moved on from the platform and along came .

Dave has published many updates to Project Macaw (ie., Macaw or PM) in the last couple years and today released his latest iteration which adds Twitter’s new 280 character limit.

Love or hate the double 140 character change, it strikes a chord amongst all Twitter users.  Stephen King doesn’t seem to like it…

280 characters? 

— Stephen King (@StephenKing)

At any rate, get on your soap box, be obnoxious, or wax poetic in twice the space as before on your favorite webOS device.

Update your feeds and grab the latest version of Project Macaw!


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