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5.1 passthrough issue




I have a setup: 

* TV: LG webOS 65UH950V

* Receiver: Denon AVR-X2000

* Set-top box: Intek HD-C63CX  (5.1 capable)


In the case if cable set-top box is previousli set to channel with 5.1 sound (CH 5.1) and TV will be switched on, everything working fine, sound is 5.1 from receiver (Denon lcd panel shows "Dolby D"). If changing channel from set-top box to one with stereo audio, it's working fine too, receiver is playing stereo (Denon is showing "PLII C"). If changing channel from set-top box back to CH 5.1, there is no sound anymore. Denon lcd panel shows "PLII C". And sound is coming back only after restarting TV (standby and back on). After restarting TV, text on denon panel will change to "Dolby D" again too.

All devices are connected by HDMI, receiver in HDMI 2 ARC. Software is newest (04.30.65), at least Check for updates didnm't find anything newer.


It is very disturbing as browsing channels almost always resulting loosing sound, because some channels are with stereo sound and some are 5.1. Pretty tired of restarting TV all the time, it's probably not meant to be so.



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