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Simplink (HDMI-CEC) and Apple TV works randomly


Have a LG TV 32LB650V which is updated to the latest firmware here in Sweden (05.05.01) and an Apple TV Gen4 (also updated to latest) connected to the HDMI ports. I used to use Simplink (HDMI-CEC) so that waking up the Apple TV would also wake up the TV. This worked well. Since some time ago, this does not always work. If I sleep the Apple TV, it shuts of the TV, but waking up the Apple TV wakes the TV maybe half of the times even though I follow the same procedure. Anyone experience the same thing or does your Simplink implementation works flawless every time?


What I've tried so far:

- Switching Simplink on and off

- Resetting the TV to factory default

- Switching HDMI inputs



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I asked LG Support regarding this and they simply said that they can't guarantee HDMI-CEC to work with other devices than those marked with "Simplink" which means only LG devices.


That being said, anyone else experience the same problem? Or maybe even have Apple TV Gen4 working properly all the time?

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Just to let everyone know. I now also have an 55UH950V and an AppleTV connected and that works much better with HDMI-CEC, that is, the TV is turned on whenever I start the AppleTV (4th Gen) with the Apple Remote. It has worked every time during the last month. However, the 32LB650V does only work 1 out of 10 times which is strange.

Any ideas?

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I have an LG 50uh5500. I also have an Apple TV gen4.

When I originally set everything up, Simplink worked properly...turning on the Apple TV turned on (and off)  the LG and selected the proper HDMI input. A few weeks later and it turns the TV on and off but doesn't select the input any more.

I checked the settings of both devices and all appears to be in order, just as I left them. The LG TV only has an on/off for Simplink, there's none of the extra settings shown in LG's documentation. The Apple TV has just an on/off for controlling the TV from the Siri remote but no setting fro input selection.

I also bought the cheapest LG BluRay player only to find out that the Simplink operation is manual...the BluRay rmeote has extra buttons to turn the TV on/off and set th einput. Why is it not automatic...especially since the TV and BluRay are both LG.  

The whole idea was to be able to use just one remote rather than multiple ones everytime I switched input devices. The LG TV doesn't even have buttons to select the input manually like my old TV did. This has me more than annoyed, for the amount all this equipoment cost it should work properly. I'm an electrical engineer myself and am amazed that manufacturers can ship products that claim to support an industry standard but don't test them enough to make sure they actually work.

This will be the last time I buy anything  from LG.

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I have 55eg9a7v with Apple TV 4k and CEC not working correctly. Sometimes not turn on TV, when I turn on Apple TV. Same problem (for me bigger), that when Apple go to sleep, or I turned it off, LG TV leave on. I must wait 20minutes to automaticaly TV turn off, but 20minutes I see stupid screensaver. I must say, that same problems was before with Apple TV 4 and Sony KDL 8xx. Sony have problem with own bluray too. It seems, that standard HDMI-CEC is standard only on paper, and each manufaturer only support own devices, but sometimes own devices not working too.  I dont know, which combination of TV and MMC to buy for 100% HDMI-CEC. I want only 2 funcions - turn ON TV after MMC is turned ON and Turn TV off, when MMC stop playing movie and is turned automaticaly off.

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I wish I had good news for you. It's been about seven months since I got my LG TV and the Simplink still works sporadically. Once Simplink is connected, the controls work perfectly for both Apple TV and the LG DVD player.  However the most important feature,  just powering the TV on/off when powering the peripheral on/off still doesn't always work.  LG has been zero help with this, even when the TV is used with their own DVD player.  

My next TV purchase will be from a dealer who can demonstrate all the devices working together properly before I pay for it.

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Thanks for answer, but as you wrote, for me is most important on/off functionality, primary off, because I play TV before I go to sleep and I need, that after that, Apple TV, TV and Receiver go to sleep too :)

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I tested this and have new information. It seems, that when I turn on aTV with SiriRemote and then turn off aTV with SiriRemote, or Remote.app, aTV sending correctly CEC command and TV turned off. But, when I turn on aTV with IrDa remote (I use Logitech Harmony) or from Remote.app on iPhone, so SiriRemote is not connected to aTV (is in sleep mode) and then I turn off aTV from Remote.app on iPhone, aTV not send CEC command to TV. It seems, that if SiriRemote is connected to aTV, it works, because when I turn on aTV from Remote.app or with IrDa remote and then connect SiriRemote (press something) and then turn off aTV from Remote.app, it turning TV off . But, when SiriRemote is not connected, it not work. What I dont know is, what is happend, when aTV go to sleep automaticaly without command from SiriRemote, or Remote.app. I will test it.

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