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  1. It's been quite a long time I have similar problems with various LG TVs models and my Apple TVs. I might have found the cause of this issue. On my current LG TV, there is a QuickStart+ option, that is supposed to make the TV to wake up more quickly out of sleep mode (the truth is that it's pretty much the same time, just, with this option disabled, we can see the LG logo at start, and not with the QuickStart+ enabled). It seems this option disturbs the HDMI-CEC (well… the SIMPLINK implementation of it) wake up signal sent by teh Apple TV. When I disable QuickStart+, it seems to work better constantly. At least, since a few days. I also disabled the Mobile TV option (that is supposed to allow TV to be switched on through the network); not sure it has an impact, but, since it's also related to the problematic feature (on/off control), I prefer to let only SIMPLINK enabled. Hope this helps, and hope it keeps working constantly… Fingers crossed

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