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  1. Thanks for the tip, I will have a look in my TVs as well. Another thing I've noticed on one of my models is if I wake up the Apple TV with the Home button on the Apple TV Remote it seems like it also more reliable switches on the LG TV. I suspect this causes the TV to wake up, not from HDMI-CEC but rather that the Apple TV Remote actually sends a wake up IR signal that the TV reacts to.
  2. Just to let everyone know. I now also have an 55UH950V and an AppleTV connected and that works much better with HDMI-CEC, that is, the TV is turned on whenever I start the AppleTV (4th Gen) with the Apple Remote. It has worked every time during the last month. However, the 32LB650V does only work 1 out of 10 times which is strange. Any ideas?
  3. I asked LG Support regarding this and they simply said that they can't guarantee HDMI-CEC to work with other devices than those marked with "Simplink" which means only LG devices. That being said, anyone else experience the same problem? Or maybe even have Apple TV Gen4 working properly all the time?
  4. Have a LG TV 32LB650V which is updated to the latest firmware here in Sweden (05.05.01) and an Apple TV Gen4 (also updated to latest) connected to the HDMI ports. I used to use Simplink (HDMI-CEC) so that waking up the Apple TV would also wake up the TV. This worked well. Since some time ago, this does not always work. If I sleep the Apple TV, it shuts of the TV, but waking up the Apple TV wakes the TV maybe half of the times even though I follow the same procedure. Anyone experience the same thing or does your Simplink implementation works flawless every time? What I've tried so far: - Switching Simplink on and off - Resetting the TV to factory default - Switching HDMI inputs

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