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On 3/12/2016 at 10:18 PM, cool_bombom said:



does anybody know of a solution to get ambilight for webOS, without having a computer hocked up .... I also want ambilight when I watch TV or stream content via netflix or dlna!




Tell me how do you drive pixels now?

You are using computer as player and grabber for pixels?

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    • By Mr Kamikaze Jr
      I hopefully  that LG team can make ambilight apps for LG user...thanks!!!
    • By tjamob
      It would be awesome if there would be API method of getting ambilight information out of currently displaying screen image. Eg. Average of color / brightnes of border boxes of screen.
      This would be very much appreciated  by DIY community and maybe even commercial products would benefit of it.
      - Jarmo
    • By Rafal Trzewikowski
      I have 49UH6100, device that does not have hardware video out connection.
      I would still like to use some sort of ambilight with it, so my guess is I'd need to resort to some sort of webhook to a running webos app which would serve a screenshot of the screen every x ms.
      Is there anything out there that can help me?
      Any ideas? (I cant have all devices hooked up to AVR before the TV because the AVR I have does not support 4k)
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