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  1. There is a device on eBay for £80 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322540931751 its demonstrated on YouTube by this guy as having a shared 50/50 splitscreen side by side ive looked a fair bit for better devices and can only find 1080p output for devices at this price point. I don't think 1080p will be an issue anway because I am pretty certain my tv can't output 2160p (4k) to both dual play glasses. It's probably outputting 1080p or 1440p to each eye in in 3D or each pair of glasses in dual play if I'm playing PS4 with my wife this wont be a problem but when I want to put my PS4 pro on by itself and have higher res I'll probabaly use a splitter to another input on my TV
  2. You can't sorry it's only for external devices that have an hdmi out
  3. This feature is a must for 2 games consoles on same screen for online multiplayer with the wife! Guess it would be like the Picture in picture mode as a 50/50 split and have the dual play option on. Sound is tricky maybe have one go to headphones via audio jack or Bluetooth headphones?

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