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Cannt see subtitles using smart share



Hello, I have a 55LB639Y LG smat TV but I have a problem with sreaming subtitles to my TV.


I download all the programs I found - Smart share, plex, serviio, nero (dont remember the full name) - and I cannt see any subtutles!!! the option "sub"" on my TV is gray.


The subtitle and movie are in the same folder with the same name, subtitles are in srt. and it' not working!!!\


the only way i could've seen the subtitles is when I use a programe that embbeded the sub to the movie.


When I try to see the movie with the smart share pogram on my pc I also cannt see the sub (whit the bs player there is no problam)



please help me, this is driving me crazy!!!




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I think lg staff never solve any problem at all...I too have this same problem..besides there are other big problems as it doesn't support flash plug in and lg will never gonna solve it,and another is dual audio dlna stream problem..we can't simply change the audio to our desired format on dlna,and one another problem is regarding connecting Bluetooth devices(this is not a big issue as it can be solved by alternate methods)but flash plugin support is really a big big issue..as I purchased web os so that I may stream all live football video on this awesome TV.but when I found it doesn't support flash plug in I was really deeply hurt

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