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Skype on webOS 2.0

Florentin Scarlat


I just bought a LG TV with webOS 2.0 just to find out that there is no Skype App on it. This is, in fact, the main reason for which I have decided to buy a smart tv. The LG guys from support confirmed that there is no app available and have no ideea if there will be and when. It is really annoying actually, since I could have bough an Android TV instead. 

Are there any plans to bring skype on these tvs?

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I agree. It would be really nice to have Skype on WebOS 2.0 .Why i schould use the 2015 TV installed CamApp ... what for? To make selfies on my TV? I really dont understand the feature of this app.


So LG, please make a SkypeApp. It schouldn't be too difficult for you... 


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I bought the LG 65UF770V which was delivered last weekend and I knew that this will not have a Skype app. I contacted the LG customer services and their reply was that Microsoft discontinued the support for Skype on LG. So this is something LG has to sort out with Microsoft I guess. It's not that LG is incapable of making a app where as they have done a fantastic job with the webOS 2.0. I love the other apps such as Netflix, Amzon and youtube. I hope and wish that LG will create a Skype app too. Microsoft should support more on this. Looks like they are after more money.. :)

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We need skype on WebOS 2.0 .. I bought the TV for using skype and now its useless. without proper apps smart TV is useless. I dint expect this unavailability of skype in LG smart TV. Now i feel like it was a wrong decision to go for an LG smart tv.

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This is the reply i got for LG care "kindly note that Skype is no longer available in new LG TV models as Skype and LG ended their agreement." 


So there is no meaning in waiting for skype in LG WebOS 2.0.. I think its better to look for any options in exchanging the TV with some other brand with skype. 


Very disappointing... :( :( :(  

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