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  1. nsniper

    Skype on webOS 2.0

    I've created an online petition to sign. Please kindly sign this. Hope this will make LG to think about this. Follow the URL: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/we-need-skype-on-lg-webos-20
  2. nsniper

    Skype on webOS 2.0

    I agree with gbk. We definetely need Skype on this tv. Why do they have a camera app? Can LG do something about this? May be we should start a petition online.
  3. nsniper

    Skype on webOS 2.0

    I bought the LG 65UF770V which was delivered last weekend and I knew that this will not have a Skype app. I contacted the LG customer services and their reply was that Microsoft discontinued the support for Skype on LG. So this is something LG has to sort out with Microsoft I guess. It's not that LG is incapable of making a app where as they have done a fantastic job with the webOS 2.0. I love the other apps such as Netflix, Amzon and youtube. I hope and wish that LG will create a Skype app too. Microsoft should support more on this. Looks like they are after more money..