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Where is webOS headed in the future?


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Now that HP has dropped it's webOS hardware and firesaled everything (got a touchpad), the question is what's next? There are some rumors online about licensing, purchases by other companies, who knows. Are we going to see new hardware?

Some are saying that Samsung is a potential buyer, or even HTC. Maybe they's just license it from HP? What are your thoughts?

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dont forget that samsung licenses winmo7 and android , so its still on the table that they could license webOS to get more product out the door .

Really? Samsung CEO said never to purchasing, right? I would hope licensing is still on the table. Do you feel that there will be more than one licensee?

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I think HP will license to more than one company including its spin off business whatever that will be

They better decide soon or at least announce some direction. There's allot of competition out there and it's just going to get worse for webos the later it gets rolling. My concern is that we don't see it on mobile phones but just on tablets, printers, etc.

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