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Needs for WebOS


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WebOS is soooo bad choice, I really regretful after buying it? there's no record from HDMI, there's no PIP, there's no sync sound to smartphones,there's no apps, just a few that are weak. smart share is far of smarting, it's stupid share, can't share my laptop screen wireless even I tried many ways.


any plans to update ?


is this forum official ? or we just dream here ? is LG listening to us ?



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Ramadan mubarak (Blessed fast) for you too bro,


my version is the same as yours, but the webos in LG tvs needs so many work and development, look at the smart tvs of LG 2013, much better and more apps and more functions and features.


so bad LG, hope they'll update our TVs.


P.S. is this forum official ?

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Thank you well about this forum i think its not oficial and the this os the oficial one

link hidden, please login to view
.and about the update im sure thru wil do it because its new project nave only 3 months and still totaly new de must wait.

Correct, this is a webOS enthusiast forum, LG has a developer forum you mentioned above if you are a developer.

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