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A Giant LG WashTower to Capture the Eyes of Parisians

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To raise awareness for the LG WashTower™, which has been garnering increased popularity among European consumers, LG France set out to win the hearts of French consumers with a unique experience zone. On October 28, the company unveiled a giant structure in the shape of LG WashTower at Pompidou Centre in Paris, catching the eyes of Parisians and tourists alike. For one day, the general public was invited to discover the new design and advantages of the all-in-one laundry solution inside the 8-meter-high column created with realistic proportions and design.


Located in Beaubourg, one of the capital’s oldest districts and the beating heart of Paris since Medieval times, the Pompidou Centre is home to Europe’s largest collection of modern and contemporary art and an important cultural center for Parisians as well as tourists. With daily traffic in the area estimated at around 50,000 visitors a day, it was the perfect location to promote the new LG WashTower.


Upon entry, visitors were met by a model dressing room installed with an actual LG WashTower, showing consumers how the product can flawlessly blend in with home spaces while providing more information about the conveniences the product can provide. And, to provide a source of entertainment, the experience zone featured a game event, offering visitors an opportunity to win LG WashTower figurines created in partnership with famous German toy brand Playmobil.


LG also promoted Busan’s bid to host the World EXPO 2030, setting up banners in the area as part of efforts to highlight the beautiful port city as the best candidate to host the global event.


First introduced in France in July last year, the LG WashTower saw solid sales growth of 150 percent after the launch of its compact version in June this year. The new WashTower Compact is smaller than the 2019 version by 100 millimeters in width, 170 millimeters in depth and 235 millimeters in height, requiring less installation space than a stackable or side-by-side washer and dryer pair of the same laundry capacity. Thanks to its compact size, the LG WashTower has been highly praised by European consumers as a space-efficient solution that delivers greater convenience.

The company plans to further promote the WashTower globally, focusing on its sleek and minimal design as well as the exceptional performance and convenience it provides.

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