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  1. This doesn't work for FLV but you can fast-forward/rewind MP4 files.
  2. I think PiP would be a good feature! However, I want WebOS to stay easy and simple to use. The question is: can it be added in a way that's easy to manage? I think it might work.
  3. Flash has two major problems: As MrNorth noted above, most devices do not support Flash and there are very good reasons for that. All anyone really cares about is video playback. We need a video-only version of Flash (which is unlikely to happen) or HTML5 to take over. It would really be best if Flash disappeared entirely.
  4. Hello, I'm really impressed with WebOS, though I have noticed a few bugs. However, the Smart Share feature really needs work. Here are some suggestions, covering the most important areas: Easy access to content! This is the worst part right now and I can see a couple of ways to fix it: Add Smart Share shortcuts to the Launcher Bar. These could include one or more of these options: DLNA server, folder & view type DLNA server, folder DLNA server Alternatively, completely redo the top-level of Smart Share Start with list of DLNA/content servers Allow users to create shortcuts to specific servers, folders with/without view type Retain view-type selection! Right now, this defaults to "list view" after you power-cycle, etc. Better use of screen area at the top It shows the current folder in big text, how about showing (in a different text color but still large text) the select folder underneath that Make it more clear that the tab on the left is a tab/button that goes back to the previous device or folder Fast-forward and rewind I think the scrubber works but I don't see why these are greyed out? Thanks!

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