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  1. I have been thinking of trying sling TV. My question is what do I install to watch it?? Apple TV/ iOS/ Mac Any ideas?????? Thanks for any help in advance Rich
  2. nascards

    please need an advice to update or not

    I also am not doing the update yet. I am waiting to see if there are any bugs. The only thing I have heard is that the Volume is now round After the update its flat vertical on the right hand side. But other that that I have heard nothing
  3. HELLO Do any of the MODS have an answer to this????
  4. I know this is an old discussion BUT. I have an LG 49UF7600 I have tried to watch about every web channel there is and I Still can't watch anything without using my Samsung tablet and screenshare. I mean not CNN Fox MSNBC NOT any news channels. And during an election year. What's up LG ??? If NOT going to be able to watch web TV Than will it ever happen???? I know LG does not use adobe so what's the options. PLEASE HELP !!!! I want to cut ties with cable. Sooner rather than later. Rich