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  1. Hi all, Long time no see, I was just wondering if LG ever did get rid of image retention ? I had a new board and then a new screen, that "guarantee to fix it",,,, of course it didn’t. It got to the point where I never leave images on screen, so no popping to the loo, making a brew, answering the door etc – I leave the program running, then back-track. It won’t be long now before I get a new TV, so need to know where we stand. STAY SAFE and Good Luck to you all
  2. Hi all, As you will soon realise, I'm new to 'smart' things like TV's & Phones, and just invested in both. I'm disabled, and struggle with things at times. My Son - lives with his mother - streams from his phone to his tv, and been explaining it to me. My phone is a Moto G 4GLTE, but I can't seem to get it to stream to the LG. Any ideas please ? Today, I am finding that my PC will stream to the TV. I have just opened SmartShare and seen some video's from the PC. One of them is a film: it has foreign subtitles. Can I turn that off at the tv ? If not, can I turn that off at the PC ? There are also a couple of youtube shorties that I did. On the TV, they are in the same folder. How do I swap video's around from folder to folder ? Obviously I want to keep movies in their own folder etc. Are they 'stored' on the TV, or purely stream every time I turn it on ? This TV is a replacement one. When I bought the original one, I also bought a new 1tb Samsung HDD for it & saved a couple of things. When I plug it into the replacement machine, I find that I can no longer play them. LG say this is their doing. Can I change the extension or something, to get them to play on my new set ? (I know I can change the extensions to run .rec files from the Toppy onto the PC/TV) Also, the replacement came with no black box for accessories,,,, nor batteries,,,, nor usb stick. Again, LG say this is their doing. When researching for my new, & long awaited TV set, I'm sure I saw an advert, or some write-up stating that it comes with a usb recording stick, but can't find it now. Can anyone point me in the right direction of any such advertising please ? Thanks all for reading the ramblings of an old geezer.
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