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  1. Anyone having any negative experiences with this latest update . Someone mentioned color shift and apps not opening ,dont know if that is widespread or not .
  2. Anyone in NZ using the latest software 5.05.25 , im a bit concerned about updating as have had issues in the past that didn't seem to affect other country's .
  3. Funny you mentioned that , I recall after a firmware update , cant remember what version my TV developed a red tint to everybody's faces , it took a lot of messing around to correct it . Factory reset did not help .
  4. Official site here in New Zealand still only has 5.00.35 for the LB7500 been that way since Feb this year .
  5. Hi guys , my tv briefly showed an update was available but when i went into the settings later to check it said no update found , I was wondering if they pulled the update , so mine is still on 5.00.55 65LB7500 NZ
  6. Hi Michael , Are you still speaking to LG NZ regarding the 55 firmware , may be they have not released here because of the issues you and others are having . I am still waiting a reply from them regarding the sound drop outs , was tempted to try the 55 firmware but it sounds worse than what I have and Im not sure how to downgrade safely if I need to .
  7. This sucks I am also in NZ and was going to install the link you posted for 55 but may just stick with the 5,00.35 , I dont want Plex problems as well as sound drop outs . I see they have not released this yet online or for auto update .
  8. Official update for this seems to be taking an age , it seems every time I walk in the room my TV has reset itself to TV speakers . I dont know if there has been much difference in picture quality since the early firmware but it does seem the terrestrial tuner has a poorer picture than any other input , but not sure if that has always been that way .
  9. It may sound stupid but check that your time is correctly set , I had an issue similar to this and found that it was due to having a different time zone set . Good luck
  10. Hope they have . I guess we just wait for yet another update .
  11. Hi Shayne , Have you reported this to LG , I have here in NZ and they said they would follow it up with LG Australia .
  12. I cant remember how many updates my TV has had since I purchased but the simplink /arc has been rock solid until this update and now I am having sound drop outs and HDMI pop ups constantly . Spoke to LG and they are planning to get back to me today .
  13. I have the Harmony 650 and found that it has a simplink button setup so if you push once it displays simplink off on the TV and push again and it turns on so I havnt had to set up a macro ,

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