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    Sky+ EPG integration

    I saw that too, never worked out how.Do you have magic remote? I kind of thought that had something to do with it but my set didn't come with magic remote Sent from my SGP512 using Tapatalk
  2. harpingon

    Bluetooth Headphones

    Hello Trying to connect bluetooth headphones to LG webOS TV 40LF630V The specs on LG website say TV supports apt-X , which is enhanced bluetooth audio, and so do my headphones. So how exactly do I connect bluetooth headphones to the TV? I have a bluetooth headphone dongle that I was using with my old TV, but seeing as this new LG supports apt-X I was hoping to ditch the dongle (which needs to be charged up etc) and connect to the TV directly. As often, the manual is scant on this (what manual). Cheers
  3. harpingon

    Heart Radio app

    Hi One selling point for me was being able to get local heart radio on the tv, because we can't get that through dab or fm. Problem is, the heart radio app doesn't seem to remember the station is set to. We have to choose heart then scroll through to north east, then scroll down to the correct station. Every time we turn it on. Which is very annoying, with only a standard remote. Does this app remember the station selection for anyone else? The Now Playing info is always incorrect also.
  4. harpingon

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I upgraded last night. Seems the same.
  5. Thanks for that, I'm going to try that app tonight, although play store reviews seem mixed (as ever). Also, another C6903 user here haha. Old Z1 still going strong.
  6. Hello Just bought a LG 40LF630V It seems to suggest that there is integration with a Sky+HD box, but the set up on the TV never manages to succesfully make the Sky+HD box do anything. The Sky box is connected to HDMI1 Is there anything special I need to do? To either the TV or the Sky box? HDMI control is turned on, on the Sky+HD box Happy with this TV so far mind you. It's even got decent built-in sound.
  7. harpingon

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Just bought an LG 40LF630V In the UK. It has firmware version: 03.03.14