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  1. Hi, i have an LG 49UB850V, with a firmware version 05.10.01 (it's a beta) and webOS version 1.4.0-2301 afro-ashley. Do you know if there are more recent/stable version of my firmware?
  2. Thank you Dejan. Actually i have version 05.10.01 (webOS version 1.4.0-2301 afro-ashley) on my TV. Does this version older than the one suggested by you ?
  3. Hi, i have an LG 49UB850V. I did update it many months ago with a beta version of the new WEB OS. Do you know if there is an official version available?
  4. Dear all, i'm so exited about the availability of WebOS 2.0 beta. Do you know if this firmware is suitable for the 49UB850V model?

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