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  1. Thx. This may have put my on the right track, too. the problem I had returned without an apparent cause yesterday. I did the following to resolve the problem (for now): Unplugged the DENON AVR power. Unplugged the HDMI2(ARC) cable (disconnect from AVR). Unplugged the HDMII1 cable (disconnect the TV decoder) Switched off Simplink on the LG TV. Connect the TV decoder to HDMI3. Factory Reset LG TV and setup the connection with the decoder from the setup wizard. Plugged in the HDMI2(ARC) cable for the AVR. Plugged in the AVR power and switched on the AVR. In my case the LG TV correctly identified the AVR again, switched on Simplink automatically and asked my with a popup if I wanted to use to AVR as the sound output device. To summarize the above, the key point is that I do no longer use the HDMI1 output. PS. Since I was a HDMI output short on the TV, I decided to connect the N-Switch directly to the AVR. As Jez Brook told me 3 times now, it does indeed show up as a device on the LG TV.
  2. Sorry, I was referring to a digital TV decoder. I now understand why it is not working in my case: the decoder does not support cec. by the looks of it I would have to upgrade my contract with the provider to 4K. for that they deliver a different decoder that does support cec. thx for your patience to explain it to me. I now understand it! However, to get back on topic, my setup should have nothing to do with the loss of sound from the TV to the AVR after the power loss. Also, it is strange that there does not seem to be a remedy to reset or re-initialize the situation. I'm not willing to do a forced power shut down for testing purposes, just to test my hypothesis that unplugging all devices for 15~30 min will do the reset. if it happens by accident, I will try this and I will post my results
  3. This does not work for me. I connected my decoder to one of my input source HDMI ports on the AVR. The decoder disappeared from the on screen menu of the LG TV. In order to watch TV I had to change the input source channel of the AVR. I was then able to adjust the volume with the Magic remote, but no other buttons were working. Pressing the button with the 3 dots give me the “virtual remote” that belongs to the AVR and not the decoder. Ergo, this forces me to start using the remote for the decoder. Situation gets worse if I also connect the N-Switch directly to the AVR, because now I also have to use the AVR remote to switch between 2 input sources (in some occasions). I don’t understand how I can setup the LG TV to recognize and display all devices that are connected to the AVR on their dedicated input sources. The required behavior for this to work is that the LG TV must send a command to the AVR to change the input source channel. This is technically possible since I use the Denon API in my home automation setup to do just that!
  4. thx for the reply. not sure what you are suggesting here. If I connect decoder and N-Switch to decidated HDMI ports on the AVR, I will have to use the AVR remote to change the input source, not? Are you telling me that I can still use the Magic remote and pick the desired input source from the on screen menu of WebOS? I concluded that I needed an eARC on the AVR for that to work... I believe cec is called HDMI control on Denon and it is already switched on
  5. Hello, just following up on my own message above: I decided to unplug both devices completely. after half an hour I plugged in everything and the problem has disappeared.
  6. Hello, I'm experiencing similar issues as described but not identical. I have a LG OLED48C16LA running firmware 03.21020 (latest) I connected HDMI2 to my Denon AVR-x2400h which has ARC (no eARC). We had a power loss this morning and after power was restored, sound is no longer transmitted to the AVR. TV reports "Denon Ready" when switched on, but no audio is received by the AVR. Pressing audio up/down displays the volume sign with mute/unavailable indication. Proposed solutions provided by Jez Brook and langc3 did not work for me. also factory resetting the AVR and TV with HDMI2 disconnected does not work. To be even more specific: contradicting to the setup of Jez Brook I have a decoder and N-Switch connected directly to the LG TV (HDMI1 and HDMI3 respectively). This is for me the only way to control everything with Magic Remote only. Sound from these devices is available when I switch to TV internal speakers or when I connect them directly to AVR. any advice is highly appreciated
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