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    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Just an update: I've received a straight answer from LG support, that there wil be no WebOS 2.0 via Update for the 2014 models, and generally for models running older WebOS... (well, who knows if that's really true for all those models, because of the other official press statements saying otherwise -for higher models/series). Anyhow, I'm no longer concerned ... decided to rather go with Panasonic TX-48AX630 (and I'm absolutely happy with it). Bye
  2. pinoccio

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Hi, where's the truth about WebOS 2.0 for the 2014 models? I found various info... and the LG support replied evasive - that "the 2014 models will get an update with some of the elements and features of WebOS 2.0". I was considering buying the 47LB678V, but now I'm not sure. Thanks