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  1. Subtitles as well as all html elements beside video disappear on every website after 2 minutes. The only way to bring them back is to activate cursor with magic remote. This started happening around the beginning of July when new LG browser update rolled out. I managed to get around this by resetting TV to factory settings and evading browser update. This worked until 23rd of July when Web OS update came along . Thinking that problem might be solved i installed it. Turns out this update just integrated this browser error into the OS and now even after resetting to factory the problem cant be avoided. LG had just made the error which could be evaded by downgrading browser mandatory instead of fixing it. This is disgrace. If I had a company with 5 employees the update with error would have never entered circulation and even if it did I would not issue another update which would make error impossible to evade. LG has only billions of dollars and tens of thousands of employees and they do not notice such a major problem even after they have been informed by the users.
  2. I installed the latest web os update. Problem is still not solved. I am now forced to run inferior new version and because it is a web os update it cant be downgraded by restoring to factory settings. it is a fucking disgrace. LG please comment.
  3. I have lg oled cx and after updating I am still having the same issue. Even worse unlike the browser update which could be easily downgraded web os update which can't be downgraded made this issue even worse. I m practically firced to use inferior new version of web os.

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