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  1. I added DNS and it still happens. So yes, disconnecting the cable solves the issue but renders it a dumb TV. I'm using Apple TV anyway, but it's crazy that LG will not address it. There should be a class action done.
  2. Customer service was quite useless, they told me to change location and do a hard reset on my UK6090PUA, and nothing helped. Notifications for LAN disconnected and connected again to network keep popping up since the last OS update.
  3. Same here, issue started with os update on my UK6090PUA. I contacted customer service who asked me to change the location of the TV from US to Canada and back, and if that does not work (it didn't), do a hard reset by unplugging and pressing the start button for one minute. That did not help either. These random notifications are very distracting, up to 10 per minute, then nothing for a while, and back again.

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