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  1. Many sound bars don't have any sort of audio out so it would be very useful if the TV could provide an audio out so it can be connected to a Hearing aid adapter. At the moment the optical, analogue outputs are disabled when HDMI ARC is being used. I have a partner who is hard of hearing and needs to use the direct TV connection to understand the program dialogue clearly. For me i can just use the normal sound bar output. So when HDMI ARC output is being used also have option of optical/audio out and bluetooth. I have seen quite a few requests for this type of feature in the various forums or problems connecting hearing aid adapters with sound bars on LG webos TV.
  2. I have a new LG OLEDGX65 TV with a Sonos EARC sound bar but having a problem with connecting a Bernafon hearing aid adapter which requires a optical or RCA output. (https://www.bernafon.com/-/media/bernafon/main/pdf/english/global/products/accessories/176777_bf_tv_a_ifu_uk.pdf) The problem is the optical & analogue outputs are not available when a Sound bar is connected via the HDMI ARC input. Its possible to connect sound bar using optical but then you loose the control of the sound bar volume(HDMI CEC). Yes you can use the separate APP but that's not a really a viable solution. So does anybody know of an adapter that can be put on the the HDMI aARC connection to extract the Audio for the hearing aid adapter ? The ARC sound would also need and be seen by the Sound bar.
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