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    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I wasn't encouraging people to do it, simply sharing my experiences, my TV was becoming unbearable to use because it was so slow, I understood the risks and was prepared to buy a new TV(probably not an LG though) if things wen't wrong, happily everything is fine and the TV is a lot faster than it was before, it'll do until I get a new one at the end of the year.
  2. Rob Dexter

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I can't comment on that seeing as your TV is a different model, I can only pass on my own experiences, sorry
  3. Rob Dexter

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I've just installed the 5.99.99 firmware on my 42 LB650V (UK) and i can confirm there is a definite improvement in web OS speed for me, Q.menu is now actually reasonably quick, still not quite instant but definitely an vast improvement over the previous 4.4 whatever it was, also a lot faster at navigating around my external HDD. I'll add the link to the site but I can't take credit for it http://webos-forums.ru/topic3130.html direct link to 5.99.99 firmware http://webos-forums.ru/go.php?http://su.lge.com:80/GlobalSWDownloadCdn.laf?IMG=/201505/starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-39.arches-3957-05.99.99-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk Installation instructions (USB must be FAT32) The root directory of the USB-drive, create a folder "LG_DTV" and copy the firmware file. Turn on the TV, insert a USB flash drive. You will see a message "open in smart ball", select "No", and then will be prompted to upgrade. The installation progress can be seen in the Settings-General-Information on the TV. Do not turn off the TV or remove the USB flash drive until the end of the upgrade process.