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    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Model: LG 42LB700V-ZG Firmware: 04.32.20 WebOS: 1.3.1-3220(afro-arches) Place: Poland Hi i have bought my LG tv this month and i want to update my firmware. Some updates come automatically in first few days. Now i have firmware 04.32.20 but on LG website i found out for my tv the most current firmware is 04.45.04 from 18/05/2015. When i try update via OTA there is "no updates" i don't know why (set place as Poland). Anyway if OTA is not working i tried download update from LG website and now what.... i download this update and when i try to unzip file the error coming (like the download file is buged). I download this file few times on different PCs and try unzip with different programs and still the same i can't unzip file. Someone had the same problem with this file ? LG upload bugged file on website or what ? Maybe someone can check this file try to download and unzip maybe my pc is a problem or i don't know. Thx for help. Link for files P.S. Do you know something about updates for LG TV models from 2014 for webOS 2.0 ? I heard diffrent reviews. Someone tells there will be full update to webOS 2.0 and others says ther will be only updates of some parts/functions of webOS 2.0 for models from 2014.