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    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Can people stop asking for Flash? Flash is dead. Don't ask for tech providers for Flash compatibility, ask for web devs to stop using Flash!
  2. Finally. Someone talking sense. I actually don't know that many sites which still use Flash. And would not want a browser on my TV to use either. Too resource intensive and buggy.
  3. cdinoz

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    First time poster. Long time lurker... Why Flash? Its buggy, it makes websites sluggish and slow. Instead of asking for Flash support, ask for better coded websites. Steve Jobs was right when it came to Flash. As is Google taking Flash support out of Android. Anyhoo, 55LB6500 user here. Got the update to 1.3.3 earlier this week. Ran thru flawlessly. Interface seem snappier and the built in apps are a tad better "browser and YouTube".