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  1. RT @RoKhanna: In Portugal, with no net neutrality, internet providers are starting to split the net into packages. https://t.co/TlLYGezmv6

  2. RT @iamdevloper: Steps to Browsing a Website in 2018: 1. okay I'll accept cookies 2. yeah okay I'll disable my adblocker 3. sorry I don't…

  3. . @InterNetX Amazing service! Everything is not reachable / down!!! And I wanted to leave early today. :@

  4. RT @iamdevloper: coming back to the javascript ecosystem after 1 week away https://t.co/5eTzTPUTn7

  5. RT @RoaringNurse: Breaking News! @theresa_may has done another u-turn & finally admitted that a bad deal is better that a no deal!! We've b…

  6. RT @tinatbh: "I'll come out but I'm not going to drink" https://t.co/T8ucfFLfV1

  7. RT @ZooMaa: Lets fucking go!!! #FaZeUp

  8. RT @g5taz: Hard lose. @KjaerbyeCS wrote that Astralis underperformed. I promise u here - we will crush u next event, please perform then. G…

  9. RT @Snowden: In times of hate, love is a revolution. Happy Holidays, internet. https://t.co/7hVAATLQUV

  10. Can not change language track. Please introduce this feature. I have latest LG WebOS version.
  11. RT @tenderlove: Why do I constantly feel like it's the beginning of the semester and I'm just now finding out I was supposed to do summer r…

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