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  1. Hello Team, Debug mode is not opening only, please help me, how to resolve this problem. While I debug the application, I'm getting the error and I have mentioned the same in below. 21/04/21 10:09:50 am : [Launch] Application Debugging - http://localhost:40251/devtools/devtools.html?experiments=true&ws=localhost:40251/devtools/page/24C9FDB6-F555-BF50-69F2-AB28FCF5071D 21/04/21 10:09:50 am: [Launch] ares-launch ERR! uncaughtException TypeError: Bad argument 21/04/21 10:09:51 am : [Launch] Caught exception: TypeError: Bad argument
  2. I have attached the screenshot about the error for your reference.
  3. Hello Team, We have 32LJ573D model and 43LH600T model LG smart tv. We are using Dash DRM video content in hosted web App in LG TV. Dash DRM video content is playing in 32LJ573D but not playing in 43LH600T model. Please let us know, what could be the issue, and let us the know the TV requirements to play Dash(.mpd format) DRM video content.
  4. Hi Team, I have checked settings->General->About this TV->Software Version - 05.80.25 I want to know what is the latest version of webOS. Please reply this.
  5. Hi Team, I have implemented embed youtube player in my smartTV app. I have developed this app using HTML, CSS and jQuery. But I'm facing TV remote focus issue on youtube player controls. Can you please provide solutions, how to achieve this.
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