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  1. This is just amazing how bad those guys from LG R&D are. I mean, it's a fu*king TV, not an international space station. How many functions are there that you can't make them work all at once? A 50€ media player running Kodi has 100x more capabilities and works 100x better then 2.000€ LG TV.
  2. LG please buy and read "Change log for Dummies" book. This is just stupid. People are waiting for fixes for very specific bugs and don't want to test every single version to see if you did it.
  3. I have same TV (50" version) updated to 05.00.04 and I have no problems with streaming from PC or my iPhone. Have you done Factory reset after update?
  4. Downgrade to last (or older) official EU firmware and try then.
  5. The only reason I did downgrade from 05.10.02 to install 05.00.04 is ability to automaticly recieve future 05.00.xx updates. Usualy best FW versions are minor update versions after major update hits public.
  6. To answer the question about OTA update over 05.10.02 BETA. If 05.00.04 is official FW it will probably not going to be detected by TVs with 05.10.02 installed (since 05.10.02 installed on my TV did not detect 05.00.04 on my USB stick) so downgrade might be needed.
  7. Thanks, I was able to find updated version of manual updater with clearer instructions and managed to do a downgrade. But you are right, LB730 file is used for my model. I had no problems with 05.10.02 but knowing that because of that beta FW version number mixup I will not be able to get regular OTA updates made me do the downgrade/update to official 05.00.04.
  8. I've manually downloaded starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-25.ashley.m14tv-2504-05.00.04-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk which should be the right FW for my 50LB670V-ZA and tried to manually update using USB memory. I have 05.10.02 beta installed and looks like because of higher FW number in older .02 beta, my TV is not recognizing a newer FW on USB stick. I've tried to do a FW downgrade but my TV model is not on list and I'm not sure how to make it work.
  9. I do have DLNA server running in my home network on Synology DS214play NAS. LG TV is detected OK and everything is working within limits of DLNA as a standard. I would like my TV to behave more like standalone media players where you can add network shared location as movie, TV or whatever library and then use scrapers to download artwork and info for specific shows or movies. My Synology NAS supports Plex server which will do that,but client app is not free on LG Store. I also have a high-end HTPC connected to that LG TV so I don't really care about that that much.
  10. I never used "normal" remote, only "smart" one which doesn't have Subtitle button. After putting batteries in basic remote and hitting Subtitle button subtitles are showing and and can cycle if multiple subtitles are available. Thanks for the tip. I also never opened Accessibility menu before so I guess "Subtitles ON" was either ON by default in older FW versions or was automaticly activated when Subtitle language was choosen from Programmes menu. I need to test Multimedia player to see if anything is broken. Too bad TV still doesn't support Samba shares or movie scrapers.
  11. That's wierd. My TV is displaying čćđšž in EPG without any problems. Do you have any channels with multiple subtitle languages? Can you switch between them?
  12. I've upgraded to 5.01.10 on my 50LB470V and there is noticeable improvement in overall performance. I didn't have too much time to test it yesterday but I've noticed one new problem and one I had on all previous versions. New one is subtitles not displaying on DVB-C channels. When I tune to a channel with subtitles there is an icon in channel info informing that subtitles are available and an option in Advanced setup menu to select it but nothing happens when I do it. After entering subtitle menu again it is resets to None again. I guess user "tehnicki" is having same 250 DVB-C channels as me
  13. So far factory reset after any FW upgrade was a recommended thing to do.

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