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  1. Jonny did u installed this update via OTA or USB ?Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  2. Ok so it's looks like we will have to wait.. BTW. Can someone confirm where 05.05.20 is avilable via OTA..
  3. Just thinking now maybe 05.05.20 is not available via TV update yet. Maybe someone from Poland could confirm it? Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  4. I did factory reset each FW upgrade.. So seems this is not a solution. Any other idea ?
  5. Hi Team I have little problem. I stuck with 05.05.01. When I click "Check update" then TV start switching chanels in the background and after few minutes says can't find any update.. I did yesterday FW downgrade using Simon procedure http://www.lgwebos.com/topic/1997-how-to-downgrade-webos-tv-firmware-tutorial/ then Tv start dowloading new FW's (couple versions) but again stuck with 05.05.01, and again start switching chanels and no update found.. My tv 47LB731V-ZE Any idea? p.s Yes I can use USB stick, but I need to know what happen with my TV first .. Please note
  6. All. This topic is for 2014 models only. Do not install any update on 2015 models as this can cause troubles. Your TV might be death after update with wrong FW.. Merry Christmas!!!
  7. I already using 05.00.20 since today, totaly no issues with ARC. Also no issues with 05.00.15 (I used it for few days) Switching channels are quicker as well.
  8. Can u go to Settings >> Sound >> Sound Out >> and check if "Digital Sound Out" is set to Auto ? & Can u go to Settings >> Sound >> and check if "DTV Audio Setting" is set to Auto ?
  9. I upgrade my TV 47LB731V to 5.00.15 and all working fine. I'm using ARC. I have Pioneer 921 Amplituner connected through HDMI, since yesterday no "memory error". I had it every 15 minutes on 5.00.04 Can u double check your settings ? I have no problem with multi channel over ARC/HDMI. Did u reset to factory settings after upgrade ?
  10. I have upgrade today to 05.00.04 from 04.45.25 but SIMPLINK issue is back.. I'm now downgrading to 04.45.25
  11. I also installed 05.10.02. All seams work fine except simplink... Last official version fixed simplink issue already, so I hope next beta will fix it as well... I aslo don't know why Spotify was removed form beta version?, hope this will be avalaible again later..
  12. As far I know that update was removed from LG update servers.. Issue is now under investigation by R&D.

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