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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply! I just went to the controller and tested every single button. Each one feels exactly the same, they all make the same "click" noise and none of them feel jammed or sticky. So I don't know...
  2. Hey! Thank you for the response. I unplugged the TV for 10 minutes and after plugging it back I couldn't turn it on with the Magic Remote, had to do it with an external remote. The behavior of the Magic Remote is still the same as the video I posted above. Issue still goes on. 😞
  3. Hello! My parents' LG webOS TV had this issue where their Magic Remote has gone insane and every button thinks it is the mute button. I have tried changing the batteries to brand new ones, letting it fully "de-charge" for 10 minutes, de-pairing it, etc. accordingly to the troubleshooting guide. Not even the power button blinks as it should. Oddly enough, the motion cursor works fine. I have attached a video to show how it looks. Any suggestions to fix this? VID-20200327-WA0015.mp4

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