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  1. Try to reinstall the app. I had a similar issue with Amazon Prime Video that I solved in this way.
  2. Where? Here in Italy is still not available.
  3. While updating LG TV Plus app on my smartphone, I become aware that between the news there was the (future?) release of Web OS 5.0 (see the attached image). Any comment?
  4. +1 for me, it would be a minimal effort to add SAMBA support in WebOS (that is a Linux derivate OS). Currently I am using Windows Media Server on Windows and Gerbera on Linux as DLNA servers, since the miniDLNA embedded in router has a very poor implementation and does not expose all media on USB disk connected to router. As drawback, I have to move on PC media that I need to display on TV and turn on PC every time. Otherwise, if LG will continue to not implement SAMBA in WebOS, I will consider buying a simple NAS with a decent DLNA server.
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